2016 : New release PepS Version 6.0


PIPESTRESS Version 3.9.0

Download PIPESTRESS Enhancements (pdf)


New Code Editions up to 2015

New fields MO, LV and OR for Response Spectrum analysis (RCAS / DCAS)

Time history with applied moments

Time history with applied displacements

Improved corrosion feature

Calculation of the penaly factor Ketherm

New fields XT and DT in TRAN and FLUD cards

 Hot allowable option SH in the TITL card

Increased calculation speed

Detailed flange verification according to different codes (EN 13480, ASME, RCC-M) and different methods (equivalent pressure, Taylor-Forge, etc.)

New options in POSTR: range of shear forces and moments for elements, keyword EXCEL to generate Excel compatible files



Editpipe Version 9.0

Download Editpipe Enhancements pdf


 Changes in Editpipe Manager:

Select and copy text in reports windows

View spf files

New table FORCES in stress report generation


 Changes in Editpipe:

Better handling of include files (card INCL)

TRAN/FLUD card editor updated

New Data Lists for transient definition

Display of Thermal Transient Analysis Results

Some cards can be edited directly from the Data Lists

Generic Card Editor preserves text format

Text delimiters are no longer necessary in Card Editors for fields TI and AL

Possibility to disable errors and warning message when updating a view

Possibility to copy/paste data in most tables (e.g. in SPEC or TRAN editors)

Save icon is disabled if the file has not been modified since the last save

The Text Editor handles three types of files: free files for standard PIPESTRESS input, postr files for POSTR input and text files. Some functionalities, such as highlighting of text, depend on this type

New wizard "Quick POSTR" helps you creating the file for POSTR input in the same way as "Quick Pipe". It allows the user to define the input data for the new flange calculation feature added to POSTR

The Piping View has been modified and uses now the OpenGL engine for a better 3D visualization of the piping

It's now possible to define the geometry of BEAM cross sections so that they can be rendered in 3D

Export/Import options to/from a configuration file




2016 : New release BEAMSTRESS Version 1.3.0 (in French)

Download BEAMSTRESS Enhancements (pdf)


 Implémentation de l'algorithme de Newton-Raphson pour le calcul des efforts de traction dans les chevilles avec prise en compte de la compression de la platine sur le béton. Cet algorithme permet une convergence systématique et très rapide, avec possibilité de réglages fins (notamment sur le coefficient d'équivalence, rapport du module de Young de l'acier des tiges sur le module de Young du béton)
Correction d'un bug concernant les calculs de platine, dans les conditions suivantes: zone de perçage non nulle, flexion dominante non diagonale, chevilles en configuration "Entraxe maximal"
 Récupération des attaches depuis la table ETRIER de la base ACCESS
Amélioration de l'interface graphique + implémentation d'une fonction d'animation des déformées (avec gestion de la vitesse et de l'amplitude des déformées)