November 2017 : New release PepS Version 6.1

Editpipe Version 9.1

Download Editpipe Enhancements pdf


 Changes in Editpipe Manager :

Warning and errors window: PIPESTRESS warnings can be classified in levels via a new configuration file easily editable.

The project management window and the merge restart window are now resizable.

Stress report generator: increased speed of generation.


 Changes in Editpipe :


Field TY for CROS cards is supported by the corresponding data list (only for values TY=0,1,2).

New options for deformed shape and arrows: can be rendered in foreground.

New option for jacketed pipe rendering: the outer pipe can be rendered either opaque or translucent or hidden.

New improved color map options to display stresses (including dithered stresses).

New data list "Stress On/Off".

New options for export to image: increase resolution and add a frame and a legend./p>

Tool to set the size of the piping view.

Improved filter: the filter can be modified from the data lists and the tree view.

Import/Export of STL files. Export your piping model to a STL file or visualize your STL file in Editpipe

Input File Edition

New custom editors for LCAS, CCAS and CSTR.

Smart edition or deletion: a tool to smartly edit or delete an element, a support or an analysis case.

Dynamic enumerations: list of possible values for fields that reference fields of other cards (e.g. field CD of a CROS card or field CA of an OPER card) is available in the generic card editor.

Hints and dynamic links: display valuable information about a field by moving the mouse over it while pressing the Ctrl key.

Auto completion: suggest field value when typing text inside the edit window.

Targeted version of PIPESTRESS. A new option that allows you to select the version of PIPESTRESS you plan to run for your calculations. Editpipe will adapt some functionalities to the chosen version, e.g. the manuals, the available fields for cards, the available code versions, etc. You can therefore enjoy the last version of Editpipe even if you must use an older version of PIPESTRESS.

 Interaction Between View and Input File

The undo and redo actions (Ctrl + Z / Ctrl + Shift + Z) are now enabled in the piping view window (the input file is modified and the view is updated).

A popup menu allows interaction with elements and supports in the view (edition, deletion, insertion, etc.).


Quick Analysis: a new tool to help you create analysis cards.

Improvement in the Quick Pipe wizard: possibility to activate hot modulus and hot allowable options, fill CD of CROS sections and reuse them, define a continuation line without a change in cross section, retrieve cross sections and materials from the xml library, etc.

Tree view: groups input data and display them in a tree. It can be used to interact with the input file or with the view.

XML library edition: a tool to edit the library without requiring knowledge of XML.


PIPESTRESS Version 3.9.0 (Same as in PepS 6.0)

Download PIPESTRESS Enhancements (pdf)


New Code Editions up to 2015

New fields MO, LV and OR for Response Spectrum analysis (RCAS / DCAS)

Time history with applied moments

Time history with applied displacements

Improved corrosion feature

Calculation of the penaly factor Ketherm

New fields XT and DT in TRAN and FLUD cards

 Hot allowable option SH in the TITL card

Increased calculation speed

Detailed flange verification according to different codes (EN 13480, ASME, RCC-M) and different methods (equivalent pressure, Taylor-Forge, etc.)

New options in POSTR: range of shear forces and moments for elements, keyword EXCEL to generate Excel compatible files


June 2017 :  DST Computer Services becomes part of Hexagon PPM

Hexagon PPM is the leading global provider of engineering software for the design, construction and operation of plants, ships and offshore facilities.

The analysis solutions currently offered through Hexagon PPM’s CADWorx® & Analysis Solutions business provides powerful, yet scalable, solutions to thousands of global companies of all sizes.

DST's customers will benefit from Hexagon PPM’s strength and stability and its global product development and support capabilities.

For more details, please view the Hexagon PPM news release here.





2017 : New release BEAMSTRESS Version 1.4.0 (in French)

Download BEAMSTRESS Enhancements (pdf)



 Nouvelle interface graphique: nouvelles commandes incrustées dans l'interface graphique (dont zoom sélectif), transfert des autres commandes, contrôles de type Trackbar de gestion de vitesse et d'amplitude des déformées, nouveau repère global (X,Y,Z), nouvelle cartographie de contraintes avec dégradé de couleurs et curseur de filtre, possibilité de sélectionner le format de sortie des captures d'écran (jpg, png ou bmp)

  Possibilité de sélectionner le chemin de sortie des notes de calculs rtf

  Chargements élémentaires multi-lignes

  Nouvel onglet pour la définition des données générales de calculs (projet, système de tuyauteries, référence du support, classe du support, nom du calculateur, etc.)

 Calculs de raideurs automatiques

  Possibilité de modéliser et calculer les efforts de traction et de cisaillement pour n'importe quelle configuration de platine

  Ajout de champs de référence ATE et diamètre dans le catalogue des chevilles.