PIPESTRESS - Validation


As part of the QA program, DST maintains a library of formal test problems referred to as the Verification
Test Set (VTS). The purpose of the VTS is to test all major features of PIPESTRESS.

The VTS also includes:

seven U.S. NRC dynamic benchmark problems NUREG/CR-1677-Vol. 1 (1980)
four problems NUREG/CR-1677-51267 Vol. 2 (1985)
three dynamic benchmark problems NUREG/CR6414-52487 (1997)
thirteen problems from the "Guide de Validation des Progiciels de Calcul de Structure" which are called "AFNOR" tests
Electricité de France (EDF) set of verification and validation problems

Each QA Release of PIPESTRESS is thoroughly tested by executing the VTS. Inputs, outputs, hand
calculations, references, and comparison of results are compiled in the PIPESTRESS verification manuals.


An unusual feature of PIPESTRESS is that a large subset of the VTS  (approximately 150 problems) is furnished to the user as well as their QA solutions.

The user can easily run the VTS problems by means of command files or using the Validation Tool integrated in Editpipe, and compare the solutions with DST’s QA solutions. A comparison log is generated which indicates any unequal compares in the solutions which can then be investigated by the user.

The full validation procedure takes less than 30 minutes and thus can be performed regularly when modifications are made to the user’s computer configuration.