PIPESTRESS - Integrated validation tool


An unusual feature of PIPESTRESS is that the validation tool implemented in PepS, permits the user to run a large subset of DST’s QA Verification Test Set of problems and compare the solutions with DST’s QA solutions. A comparison log is generated which indicates any unequal compares in the solutions which can then be investigated by the user.

Approximately 150 VTS problems are included in the validation tool which include the 14 NRC benchmark problems:
NUREG/CR-1677 Vol I (1980);
NUREG/CR-1677 Vol. II (1985); and
NUREG/CR6414 (1997).

The full validation tool procedure takes less than 30 minutes and thus can be performed regularly when modifications are made to the user’s computer configuration.



For Ordering the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Piping Benchmark Problems for:
1. Dynamic Analysis Uniform Support Motion Response Spectrum Method
NUREG/CR-1677, Volume 1, BNL-NUREG-51267
2. Dynamic Analysis Independent support Motion Response Spectrum
Method, Volume 2
3. Westinghouse AP6000 Standardized Plant
NUREG/CR-6414, BNL-NUREG-52487
Go to www.ntis.gov and enter the following reference numbers in the space "Technical Report"
NUREGCR1677 (this will take you to both Volumes 1 and 2) or you can enter NUREGCR1677V2 which will take you to Volume 2)
You can then choose which media you want: hard copy or PDF format.





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BEAMSTRESS Version 1.1.3 (Janvier 2014) :
Download free demo (french version)

PepS Version 4.0 (May 2012) :
PIPESTRESS Version 3.7.0 (solver)
Editpipe Version 8.0 (pre and post-processing)


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  • Owner and developer of PIPESTRESS and Editpipe
  • Continuous development for the past thirty years
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