DST Computer Services SA


DST Computer Services SA is an internationally recognized leader in pipe stress analysis.

Members of the DST team have high levels of expertise and experience

DST cooperates closely with its licensees in order to develop innovative solutions to meet engineering needs and requirements.

Other services
DST provides training and engineering assistance and also performs custom programming.

Industry Involvement
DST staff are actively involved in industry code and standards organizations.

From its offices in Geneva, DST supports its clients efficiently, effectively, and individually.


DST Computer Services is a Swiss company founded  in 1973 by Mr. Kent Gordis, a brilliant mathematician and a pioneer in the field of data processing.  Mr Gordis was the original author of the pipe stress analysis program PIPESTRESS which he continuously developed over a 40 year period: at first, in collaboration with Ebasco Services Inc., architect engineer on several nuclear power plants in the USA, Japan and Taiwan and later with large engineering companies.  He presented and published several mathematical papers.


Over the years, DST has employed highly qualified engineers and programmers who have worked with Mr. Gordis to assure the continued development of PIPESTRESS and associated programs.


DST has licensed PIPESTRESS which is now integrated with its graphical pre- and post- processor, Editpipe, to over 400 companies in 30 different countries and is used for maintenance piping calculations and  in the design of third and fourth generation reactors.


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