PIPESTRESS - Presentation



Performs all calculations required by the nuclear (and non nuclear) piping codes in a single program execution
Has been continuously maintained for more than 40 years
Has been used by more than 400 engineering organizations in 30 countries to analyze piping in more than 50 nuclear power plants
Is being used as the main piping analysis software for calculations in the new reactors: EPR, AP1000 and AC-1000. Many of the piping calculations for Westinghouse AP600 plant were performed using PIPESTRESS and these calculations were accepted by the US NRC when they issued a standard plant license for the AP600
Approved by the US NRC for AP1000 piping calculations


ASME Classes 1, 2 and 3 and ANSI/ASME B31.1 (1967 to present)
RCC-M Classes 1 and 2
KTA Classes 1 and 2
EDF Piping Code for Composite Materials, Indice D
EN 13480-3 Piping Code
ASME Code Case N-755-1 for Polyethylene Materials
Nuclear QA per 10CFR50, App. B, and 10CFR21

Main Features

Linear and non-linear calculations
Up to 500 user-defined load and combination cases
Heat transfer and thermal gradient stress
Fatigue analysis (usage factor)
Thermal stratification
Mixed class
Response spectra in Cartesian or cylindrical coordinates
Response cases with up to 99 independent support levels
Modal superposition by grouping, double sum, CQC and other methods
Time history analysis by generalized response or true time history methods
Selective "true" time history analysis
Determination of rigid cut-off frequency for time history analysis
Rigid mode correction for all dynamic analysis methods
Strain energy weighted composite modal damping for time history and response analysis
Very large structures with no topological limitations
Element dimensions in Cartesian, cylindrical, spherical or sloping coordinates
Erosion and corrosion
Buried piping
Flange verification according to various codes and methods (equivalent pressure, Taylor Forge, etc.)
Translators from other analysis programs
Theory manual: rigorous mathematical formulation of static and dynamic piping analysis