Editpipe - Presentation


Editpipe is a high performance pre- and post-processor for PIPESTRESS that significantly improves the efficiency of piping modeling and analysis while increasing engineering quality.

Editpipe was originally owned and developed by Tractebel Engineering and has been commercialized by Tractebel Engineering and DST Computer Services S.A. since 1996. Since January 1, 2009, DST has acquired exclusive, worldwide rights to Editpipe and is the sole owner and developer of this graphical user interface


PepS package: PIPESTRESS + Editpipe

Editpipe,  PIPESTRESS and other utlity programs are integrated in the commercial package PepS for Windows, that is used by nearly all PIPESTRESS licensees.




Editpipe presents the following main features :

Runs under Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
Supports all versions of PIPESTRESS up to and including version 3.9.0. In particular, EditPipe handles non-linear restraints, as well as data prepared for earlier DOS and UNIX versions
May be connected to UNIX and Linux versions of PIPESTRESS
Dedicated file manager for organising PIPESTRESS files and controlling PIPESTRESS execution
User friendly editor for native PIPESTRESS input file
Powerful graphics
Quickpipe wizard: build a simple PIPESTRESS model in less than 5 minutes !
QuickPOSTR wizard: help to create the POSTR input file for support loads and  flange verification
Easyfree database and smart coordinate input
Integrated XML database for fittings, pipe cross-sections and materials
Visualisation of response spectra and time histories
Extensive post-processing features
On-line PIPESTRESS help
Time-saving automatic generation of stress reports
PIPESTRESS validation tool